Tuesday, November 8, 2016

This Christian Has Already Voted!!!

I ask that each of you please take just a moment to go visit my friend Dayle's blog, A Collection of Days, and read her thoughts on today's election.

You can find her latest post by
clicking HERE.

She expresses my feelings in a much better way than I ever could.  I agree with her 100%!!
I am sharing this post with her permission.

God bless America!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy November!!

I can't believe it's already November 7th.  I mean, what happened to September and October?? 

The weather here in Missouri has been strangely warm for fall.  This past week it has cooled down a little, but it is still unseasonably warm.  Last week I mowed my yard in shorts and a t-shirt.  Who does that in November in Missouri??

We made it back from California (IT WAS A LONG DRIVE OUT THERE AND A SHORT FLIGHT HOME).  Stopped at the Grand Canyon which, I have to say, is one of the most absolutely breathtaking things I have ever seen.  If you've not been there, you need to put it on your "bucket list."  It is spectacular.  Thank you all for the prayers, everything went very smoothly while we were out there.  Got Alex all settled into her apartment.  Please pray for our son-in-law's safe return from his overseas deployment.

My mom had a very rough second chemo treatment two weeks ago today.  Lots of nausea, lots of tiredness, lots of just plain old not feeling good.  This morning she went back for her third round of chemo and her white count was too low so they wouldn't give her the treatment today.  She goes back on Wednesday for more blood work.  Hopefully the blood count will have improved.  If not, then they will start giving her injections to jump start her body making white blood cells.  The plan is to only have to put the chemo off for one week, which would put her back for a treatment one week from today.  I ask for your prayers for her, that the blood count will return to normal and they can resume the chemotherapy.  And for her NOT to get any kind of illness. 

We continue to pray daily for God to move in my mother's body and kill that cancer.  We curse it at the root and command it to die in Jesus name.  We believe Jesus is the Healer.

Please pray for our country.  Tomorrow is the election and, if you're like me, you're ready for it to be over.  I encourage EVERYONE TO VOTE.  But my hope isn't in Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, although I will be voting for one of them.  My hope is in Jesus Christ.  "If my people, who are called by My name, will HUMBLE THEMSELVES and PRAY and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, THEN will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land."  Wake up America.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Away We Go Again!!!

Tomorrow we are heading back to California with our beautiful daughter!!  These past five months have flown by and it's time for us to get her settled out in California again as her husband is due to return from deployment in just a few weeks.  To say having her home these last five months has been a huge blessing is an understatement.

We're going to stop and see the Grand Canyon on our way out there.  We've never seen the Grand Canyon and may never be that close again, so we're going to take a brief detour and check it out.  So I'll be checking off that bucket list item and standing in awe of God's beautiful creation.  And for those of you from the 1970s era, we'll be "Standing On the Corner in Winslow, Arizona!"  Another bucket list item!!!  

Thank you to all the mighty prayer warriors out there lifting my mom before the Lord.  She came through her first chemo treatment with flying colors.  Her side effects have been minimal and manageable and we are praising God for that.  She has another treatment this Monday, and they are adding in another chemo drug that is to cut off the blood supply to the tumors in her liver.  We are standing on the Word that says the same power that conquered the grave lives in us.  We have access to that same power through prayer and we are rebuking the enemy and cancer off of my mom in the name of Jesus.  My Bible tells me the enemy has no authority over the children of God.  I know none of us will live forever on this earth, but I will pray for healing until God either heals my mom or calls her home.  THE SAME POWER THAT CONQUERED THE GRAVE LIVES IN US AND WE SPEAK HEALING IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!

Please pray for safe travels for us (my husband and I and our daughter) as we make the loooooooonnnnngggg drive across county to California.  Pray that all goes smoothly in getting the apartment, moving their things, and setting up utilities, internet, etc.  Pray that God continues to watch over our son-in-law and brings him (and all of our military men and women) home safely.  Pray that God will bless our time together out there, and give my husband and I a safe flight home next Wednesday.  This will only be the second time my husband and I have flown on an airplane without our kids.  The last time was in October of 1989!  

Keep thanking God for the healing He is performing in my mom's body.  I appreciate so much your agreeing with us in prayer.  We are keeping our eyes fixed on Him and trusting Him.  God is good no matter what.

I'm reading the book  Crazy Love by Francis Chan for the second time.  If you haven't read it, I urge you to get a copy.  It is a short book, and a fast read.  What a reminder that Jesus desires that we fall completely in love with Him.  He gave His life for us.  When I think of it . . .well, it's indescribable.

One last prayer request . . . pray for our country and our leaders!!

I'll have pictures from our trip next week! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

One Thing Needful

I visited my friend Camille's blog, Flowers In His Garden, and was absolutely blown away by her post.  As I told her, this message should be preached from every pulpit in America.  

Too often today's preachers (some, not all) want to talk about the blessings of God.  If you aren't rich, then you don't trust God.  If you aren't healed, then you don't trust God.  If you didn't get a good parking spot, then you don't trust God enough.  HOGWASH!!!

God is good, and He is merciful and He blesses His children.  But not always in the ways we would want or would expect.  In the Bible those who served Him went through horrible trials.  Look at Stephen.  Look at Paul.  Look at Peter.  

Bottom line is this, heaven is real, but SO IS HELL.  Preachers have gotten away from preaching on hell, and I do not believe that is a good thing.

Please take a couple of minutes and read Camille's post.  I think it will touch your heart as it touched mine.  Blessings my friends!!

Friday, September 30, 2016


I'm going to be completely honest and tell you that I have put off writing this post.

I wish I could tell you that we got to Houston and everything went wonderfully.

I wish I could tell you that mom's CT scan was completely normal and showed that the cancer had not spread.

I wish I could tell you that the Lord had healed her and we are rejoicing.

My mom has seven tumors in her liver.

They are inoperable at this time.

We have an appointment on Monday to meet with an oncologist to begin chemotherapy treatments locally as soon as possible.  Our prayer is that the chemotherapy can shrink the tumors to the point she can have surgery in about four months (we go back to Houston the end of January).  Either they will operate and remove all seven, or they won't operate at all.  It's all or nothing when it comes to removing cancerous tumors in the liver.

If the chemotherapy does not shrink the tumors enough to operate then, as the doctor put it, 
we begin "buying time."

My friends, I believe that Jesus is the Healer, and I believe He can heal my mom.

But I will be honest with you and admit that sometimes my faith feels very weak.

Sometimes I take my eyes off of the Healer and I focus on the diagnosis.

Sometimes I feel very hopeless.

Sometimes I carry this burden instead of laying it at His feet.

I need your prayers for my mom and dad (Donna and Robert).

Our family needs prayer as we walk through this trial.

We need a touch from the Master's hands.

Thank you all for praying.

I promise to get back to posting about much lighter things soon, but right now my heart is pretty heavy.  I humbly ask for your prayers. 

May the Lord bless you all. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Houston, Here We Come

Well, we had a few days of nice cool weather here in Missouri, but it's hot and humid again now.  A little rain this morning, which we don't need, but we will take it.  The Lord sends the rain so we won't complain!!

Next week my mom and dad and I are heading to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.  We are meeting with an oncologist and they are drawing blood and doing a CT scan.  We'll head back home, and then follow up with the doctor by telephone on Monday, September 26th.  He will let us know what treatment he feels is appropriate, and we will have treatments done locally.  Thank God for the opportunity to consult at this amazing location in Houston, and yet be able to take treatments about an hour away from home.  

Please pray for safe travels there and back, for good reports from the blood work and CT scans, and for the Lord to give this doctor supernatural wisdom to know exactly what to do.  I do not believe that seeking earthly treatment for this disease reflects a lack of faith in God.  WE ARE STILL PRAYING AND BELIEVING FOR HEALING IN JESUS NAME!!  I pray for safety every time I get in my car . . . BUT I STILL FASTEN MY SEAT BELT!!!  I pray for God to care for my body, but I believe it's my responsibility to eat right, and exercise and take the best care of myself I can.

Please keep praying for healing, and against fear and worry.  Those two things are not of God and we want no part of them.  It is human to worry about something like this.  It is a serious disease.  But we have a God who is mighty and well able to handle this.  We are trusting Him.

Blessings to each and every one of you that have prayed for my mom.  You are appreciated more than you know.  Please keep praying and remember to thank Him for His blessings!! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016