Friday, January 15, 2010

Hat in the Ring

Yesterday I "threw my hat in the ring" as the old saying goes.  Yesterday I signed up to run for School Board.  I graduated from high school here in my hometown.  My kids go to school here in my hometown.  My niece and nephews go to school here in my hometown.  I live here, and I'm staying here.  And I want to give back just a little to this community. So, it's official, I am a candidate for School Board.  I'll keep you posted on the "running for office."  I am a little nervous, and very excited.


  1. Yay!! I commend you for this decision. Good luck to you!! Hubby was on our school board here for several years. He actually enjoyed his years of service for the most part. What I enjoyed most about it? We accompanied the class of 1998 as chaperones on their senior trip to..
    Hawaii! That was fun. We may never be able to go back, but we will always have our memories of that trip.
    All the best to you! -Tammy

  2. GOOD LUCK!!! I really hope you make it! Our district recently made headlines when an 18 year old made it onto the school board (and she's a senior). So now a "student" is my boss!

  3. I think that is awesome! Good luck.
    Besides me working for Weise, my sister taught in Eldon for a bit after she graduated from MU.