Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family Reunion Wrap Up

We had SUCH a fantastic family reunion!  I can't believe it's already over.  I got to visit with all my cousins and it was just incredible.  We had too much plenty of food.  The weather was warm, but not unbearable.  I am sad they've all gone home, but so thankful for the great memories we made.  And now, to answer your questions:

1.  So how many people did you actually have?  I was pretty busy, so I didn't count them, but my Aunt did, and she said 109 at my house on Saturday afternoon.

2.  Did you have plenty of pulled pork?   Oh my goodness.  We had WAY too much pulled pork.  So for future reference, you do not need to figure one pound of meat per person!  But that's OK.  I hear it "freezes beautifully" so we have lots of ziploc bags full of pulled pork in our freezer. 

3.  What was the highlight of the reunion at your house?  The hay ride.  Seriously, city people LOVE hay rides.  Never mind that it was very, very warm, they LOVED it.  And our cows are really pretty tame, so they came right up to the trailer.  You would have thought they'd never seen a cow. Then again, most of them live pretty far from a cow. 

4.  So where is your next reunion?  Estes Park, Colorado 2014!!!!!


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  2. Those reunions can be so much fun. My husbands family has one every 3 years. They alternate between Missouri, Colorado and Iowa. The last time in Iowa, they took got a chartered boat and took us on the Mississippi River. Next year it will be here, I am thinking maybe a tour of the prison would be fun.
    Keep cool, we had 107.2 here.

  3. GREAT IDEA ON THE HAY RIDE....we talked about doing that, didn't get it done, but you are right, they love it, my cousins would enjoy seeing where "Uncle Paul let them drive the tractor or ride the horses". We'll do that next time. Glad you had a good turnout!