Monday, July 30, 2012

Livestock Show and Auction

Summertime means fair time around here.  Miller County Fair to be exact.  Our kids both showed their steers at the fair, and then sold them at the auction.

Isn't she beautiful??  And the steer is pretty cute too!!!
I am so proud of my daughter!!!

And our son is so handsome!!  So proud of him too!!!

I am so proud of them both.  Their steers did really well.  Alex took second in her steer's weight class to the steer that won Grand Champion!! Cole took third in his steer's weight class!!  There was some really great competition!!!

And the auction.  Well, this mama is PROUD to report that their steers brought the TOP PRICE at the auction!!!   We are blessed that our kids steers did so well.  With the economy the way it is, you never know.  But all of the bidders stepped up to support the kids. 

This is just one of the many reasons that I love living in a small town.  Opportunities like this are priceless (I think).  The kids have the responsibility of raising an animal.  The experience of showing that animal in front of lots of people.  And the opportunity to sell that steer for a good price to reward them for all their hard work. 

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out and supported all of the kids that participated in this year's fair.  It was a huge success!!! 

Please keep praying for rain!!  Blessings to all!!


  1. CONGRATS TO THEM BOTH!! how awesome they got top dollar too.

    off topic, but have you ever posted your salsa recipe on your blog? i know you can lots of it, i remember, and we are in need of a good recipe because my husband's salsa always tastes like bad spaghetti sauce. ;)

  2. Awesome job! My son did 4H when he was younger...we did Polled Herefords. What wonderful memories! I appreciate and understand the hard work!

    PS A BIG belated Happy are just a spring chicken! ;)