Monday, September 10, 2012

Please Keep Praying!

Today we are waiting on the radiologist to read the x-ray of Alex's ankle to give us the final word on whether or not her ankle is fractured.

The nurse practitioner told us Friday afternoon that the ankle was fractured.

Friday evening our doctor looked at the x-ray and he said he does NOT think the ankle is fractured.

So today, a radiologist who does nothing BUT look at x-rays will give us the final word.

We are believing for healing, and praying that the ankle is just sprained.

But we want God's will.  Please keep on praying!!!  Thank you so much!!


  1. I pray for Alex's full recovery and patience while she allows it to heal. Sadly, a sprain may not be any better than a break. I sprained mine earlier this summer, and it was 8 weeks before I was walking without pain. It is still not back to "normal" in terms of mobility.