Monday, November 12, 2012

Workin' Cattle

Just a few weekends ago we worked some of our cattle.  Now for those of you who don't know what "workin' cattle" means, I'm going to show you.

Working cattle means giving shots to the mama cows and their calves, pouring on de-wormer, and castrating the bulls.

It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day.  And I really enjoy it when we are all working together.

Here is a calf in the head gate. 

You see the white plastic container with the yellow label hanging upside down?  That's pour on de-wormer.

Cole bringing a calf down the chute to the head gate.  See the short sleeves?  It was a gorgeous fall day.

All the mama cows are outside the pen (the had already been worked), and all the babies are inside the pen, and the mamas want to get to those babies.  They think we are hurting them.  If they could just understand the shots help them!

 Another baby calf in the head gate.

Hang on baby calves.  We'll turn you back out with your mamas in just a few minutes!!

It may sound crazy, but we really do enjoy working together.  And while it is WORK, at least the kids are working with us. It was a great day to be outside enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Yesterday fall turned to winter here at Down On The Farm.  It was 70 degrees when we left church.  By the time we got home (about 25 minutes later) it was 57 and raining and the temperature just kept going down, reaching the 20s by early this morning.

I think old man winter is trying to make an appearance here in Missouri.  But I am so thankful we had a gorgeous day to work cattle a couple of weekends ago.


  1. There's nothing better than a beautiful day for dealing with animals. Although, for those not in the knowing, perhaps you should have said "de-wormer"...LOL.

  2. Dang do you all have a fast priest/minister or what?? 25 minutes??

  3. I am glad you had a beautiful day. I know your winters can be bad! It snowed on our sons wedding in March! It was really pretty though. I enjoy your farming/ranching stories. Please keep sharing them with us.
    Have a good snuggly day.
    I need to check in with the kids see how it is up north or you.

  4. So nice your weather was so great! We worked cows in snow & yuck today---but at least the sun was shining down. You give such a great 'face' to agriculture!