Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Time To Sow . . . . .

This has been the strangest spring I have ever seen.

We haven't really even HAD spring.  It has been cold.  And it's been wet.   And it's been COLD.  And it's been WET.  And then it warms up a day or two.  And then it snows again (yes, we had snow last Wednesday, April 24th).  Yesterday it was 81 degrees.  Today it is 51 and raining.

Our garden is way behind.  I mean WAY behind.  We have a few onions out, and some lettuce and that's it.  And the lettuce isn't coming up yet.  I can't think of a year where we have ever planted anything in May.  'Cause my Grandpa always told me "you can't plant in a month that doesn't have an 'r' in it."  And May doesn't have an 'r'. 

So here's what we planted yesterday.  Corn.  (AND FOR THE LIFE OF ME I CAN'T GET THIS PICTURE TO GO IN HERE ROTATED TO THE LEFT???)

First we had to till the garden.
Then put the corn in the planter and plant. 

Doesn't that look NICE!

Hard to believe that in a few weeks there will be little shoots of corn coming up out of the ground.  That is, if it dries up and warms up.

Oh, and in case you're wondering . . . it's raining again right now. 

And it's COLD.  COME ON SPRING!!!!!



  1. Lets talk about the cold. . .we are camped at the state fair grounds. Our blacksmith conference us in the opened air swine barn. Can you say cold and miserable !!! So far our little heater is keeping the rv warn.

  2. Oh Gail in these parts we have to plant in May:)
    Our peas are up and onions are doing well, we will not plant corn because frankly the raccoon's get more of it then we ever do. Lazy things never help plant though. I would love to come and eat some of yours when it comes up:) Happy planting May could be Mary:) B

  3. We got snow overnight... I'll be sure to send some your way... lol :)

  4. It's Blackberry Winter here and cold; I'm freezing because I turned the heat so way down it won't even come on unless it gets to below 50. I'm wearing layers day and night to keep warm -grin!

  5. It has been chilly here today for this time of year. Soon enough we will be begging for some relief from our southern heat and humidity. Looks like you have been busy getting ready for a big garden. Wishing you well!

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  7. Hello Friend~
    Oh my I am with you!
    I am working on my garden this week. I think we may be safe now. I have my first hummingbird.

    Where is the best place to buy corn seed from?

    I also have been invited to Shabby Apple. How do you think it is going?

    I am enjoying catching up with you today!

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