Friday, June 28, 2013

Help! 49 Random Acts of Kindness Dilemma!

My birthday is in July.  And yes, I will be 49.  Wow.  Can't even BELIEVE I will be 49.  'Cause I remember when I thought 49 was old.  And folks it wasn't THAT long ago.  Amazing what a little age does to your perspective isn't it??

We have never been big "birthday" people in our family, meaning birthdays are really not that big of a deal.  Even with our kids.  Yes, we got them a birthday present, but we never really went whole hog and made a huge deal out of birthdays.  It's just another day.

And since my birthday is in the summer we are always baling hay or getting calves ready for the fair, so typically my birthday comes and goes with just a nice dinner with me and my husband and kids, and that's really all I want anyway.

But this year, in celebration of achieving the ripe old age of 49, I want to give back.

I really have a great life.  I do.  No, its not perfect, of course.  Nobody has a perfect life (no matter how it looks from the outside!)  But I am very VERY blessed.

So this year I want to do 49 random acts of kindness to try to bless other people in some small way.  But here's my dilemma. 

I seriously don't know that I can accomplish 49 random acts of kindness IN ONE DAY!  I mean, I'm no spring chicken anymore!!So I'm thinking about making the entire month of July random act of kindness MONTH? 

Does it matter??

And really, shouldn't I be living my LIFE trying to be kind to everyone all the time?  Shouldn't I relly be going out of my way to be the hands and feet of Jesus constantly, and not just on one day, or even during one month. 

I'd be interested to know your thoughts . . . 'cause my birthday month starts tomorrow!

Hope you all are staying COOL out there!!  My husband is trying to bale hay and cut fescue seed in between rain storms. I'd appreciate your prayers for him . . . he gets pretty stressed this time of year!


  1. Oh Happy upcoming Birthday what a wonderful idea. On my birthday I took the money I received and went to buy groceries and took two boxes full to someone I knew could use it. I think if everyone gave instead of took on their birthday there would be a lot less need in this world. I like the way you think.
    Good luck to your husband with the hay we cannot start it is raining again. Have a nice birthday month and I can see you making people happy just s you are happy and blessed. b

  2. Love the idea- and happy birthday! You could do 1 act of kindness for the next 49 days...

  3. happy birthday... and that is such a great idea. Giving instead of Receiving.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful idea and one that will give back to you whilst you are giving kindness to others. 49 in a month sounds monumental but if those random acts of kindness are just little things which will cause a ripple of kindness then I'm sure you will do it.
    Happy birthday month.

  5. Hey Friend~
    Looks like you have been as busy as me! I came by to say hello!

    Hope you enjoying the rest of summer!

  6. What a lovely idea. And I know exactly what you mean about changing perspectives. I'm 46 and just the other day (or so it seems ;) ), the people I knew who were 46 were OLD.... Not any more, they're not!!

    Have a lovely birthday when it comes
    A x