Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's Salsa Time!!!

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We eat a lot of salsa at my house. 

Let me say that again . . We eat a lot of salsa at my house.

Two summers ago we canned over 100 pints of salsa.  Last summer our tomatoes did NOT do well, so we didn't can any salsa.  We ran out of our homemade salsa last winter.  So this summer it's salsa time again.

If you would like the detailed recipe, look HERE.  And really, salsa is a personal thing.  If you like it sweeter, add more sugar.  If you like it hotter, add more jalapeno.

One year I added corn to my salsa.  

Some folks add black beans, although we haven't. 

If you've never done any canning, salsa is a great place to start.  You really can't go wrong. 

Last night we canned 50 pints of salsa.  50 pints.  That's about a year's worth.  Hoping to do another batch over the weekend, or maybe next week.

Our green beans didn't do well this summer, we only canned about 20 quarts.  Our fall beans are looking GOOD, so we are HOPING to can another 80 or 100 quarts of green beans in a couple of weeks.  Fall green beans do better for us.  Fewer bug bites, less "rust" just a better bean, IF you can get them before it frosts.  And with our weird Missouri weather, well, you just never know.

So take the plunge, pick yourself some tomatoes and MAKE SALSA!!!

You'll be glad you did!!!

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  1. Oy! I like that you say it's a great place to start if you haven't canned...for some reason I find it HEAPS of work to make salsa...all the chopping! Forevermore! I will check out your recipe though, because I haven't found one that I totally love.

    Hope your summer is going well. I'm so looking forward to having a good catch up on your blog.