Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cows and Turkeys

We have cows on our farm.


And our cows pretty much know their place.  Which is in the field. And you'll notice that "field" isn't very green yet.  Winter still has a pretty tight grip on Central Missouri.

We also have turkeys on our farm.  Lots of 'em.  And they pretty much know THEIR place.  Which is in the barn.

But once on awhile you get a rebel turkey.

A turkey that just can't understand that it belongs in the barn.

The rebel turkey wants to come in the house.

This is a picture taken from my living room looking outside.  The turkey is sitting on the brick ledge of my front window.

It pecked on the window like it was knocking on the door. 
That crazy turkey just wouldn't give up.

Here is the same turkey a day later, on my porch, begging to come in.

PLEASE LET ME COME IN!!!  I can imagine this turkey being William Wallace and yelling "FREEEDOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!"  (Name that movie!)

I can tell you this.  I did NOT let the turkey in my house.  Turkeys STINK!!! 

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  1. Oh you made me laugh we had a turkey who wanted to live with us when we were kidshis name was Tom. Go ahead let him in:) Not sure of the movie but I get it:) Hug B