Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Surgery on Wednesday

Tomorrow morning my mom will have her right hip replaced.  We don't yet have a time for the surgery, but it will be early in the morning.

I would ask each of you to lift my mother in prayer before The Healer before, during and after her surgery. 

She is very frightened to have the surgery.  Christians know that fear is not of God, and we are praying for PEACE.

Please pray for the doctors and nurses and every health care provider that will come in contact with my mother.  Pray for wisdom and direction as they make decisions before, during and after the surgery.

Pray against any infection, blood clots, excessive pain, etc.  We are praying for a speed recovery,

Barring any complications, mom will be released to come home from the hospital on Friday.  Yes, just two nights in the hospital and they will send her home.

Please pray for me and my two sisters, and my dad as we take care of her over the next few weeks.
My mom's name is Donna, so you can pray for her by name.

Thanks so much to each of you for praying.  It means the world to me.  I KNOW that God will go before us and make a way through this trial.  And that our faith will be made stronger through all of this.  I love you my friends. 



  1. Dear Robbin - I just said a prayer for all the above -- for your precious mother Donna! Praying for you and your sisters and entire family as well. Please keep us posted. ♥-tammy

  2. I had trouble leaving a comment yesterday. Just wanted to let you know I am with you in lifting up prayers for your mom. Working in Ortho floor for 10 years, the last in 2000, if the technology then was awesome, I can't imagine the improvements by now. Our patients did well and there's always a Pain Management team if nothing helps for pain. Of course, nothing beats His overall provisions. God bless and protect your mom, you and your family.