Thursday, February 5, 2015

Prayers For My Grandma Nellie

My Gram Nell was 101 years old on December 11th.  She has been in the nursing home for a few years now and hasn't known me for about a year and a half.

This is a picture I took of her and I this past December on her 101st birthday.  Isn't she is beautiful.

I still go see her, but as the time has gone by there's really not much conversation that goes on between us.  She is very confused.  Doesn't know who I am.  Always asks me if my parents are alive.  And trying to explain to her that my dad is her son, well, she doesn't understand.  She doesn't know me, but I know her.  And so I keep going to visit her.  Maybe more for me than for her. 

Physically she has deteriorated rapidly these last few weeks.  And this morning the nursing home has called in hospice.

I would ask for your prayers today.  Prayers for my Gram Nell, and prayers for our family.  Because even at 101 years old, you are never ready to say goodbye to your mother or your grandmother.

My Grandma Nell is a Christian.  And by that I don't just mean she believes in God.  She loves Jesus.  The very last conversation I had with her while she still knew me she talked about the "better home" she had waiting for her.  And wanting to "go see Jesus."  

That my friends is blessed assurance.  Today I am praying for whatever time she has left on this earth to be filled with peace.  I am asking Jesus to take her home in His loving arms at His appointed time.  And I am trusting Him to keep her until we all meet again in heaven.  What a day that will be.



  1. oh precious emotions...prayers for her and especially for you...she's aren't. What a joy to have such a long life...the only commandment with a promise...Honor your Father and Your Mother and you will have a long blessed life

  2. She is indeed beautiful. Sending hugs and prayers. B

  3. Prayers for all! Your last line was the title of my precious mom's favorite song!

    "What A Day That Will Be"