Monday, March 2, 2015

Don't Be Hatin' Rotisserie Chicken!!!!

Saturday morning it was cold, and the snow began to fall and the wind began to blow and I new my husband and kids would be starving after a morning of moving turkeys.   I decided to make chicken and noodles for them for lunch.  I mean, who doesn't love chicken and noodles on a cold, snowy day??

Now don't hate me . . . but I used a rotisserie chicken.

And I used frozen noodles.

And I added chicken soup base as the seasoning.

And, wait for it, I added a can of cream of chicken soup to the pot for extra flavor.

And you know what my husband and kids had to say about that?

They said, and I quote, "this is really good!"

Didn't bother them one bit that I didn't boil raw chicken and then shred it.  They didn't complain one bit that the noodles were frozen.  And that can of cream of chicken soup I added for extra flavor . . . nope they could care less.

Sometimes homemade is completely over-rated!!

And I've got to tell you a little story about this pot.
This pot is a Le Creuset . . . which is French for "REALLY EXPENSIVE."  I had wanted one of these pots for-EVER, but the price, well, let's just say they don't sell them at Wal-Mart.

So, I did what anybody would do, I found this pot at TJMAXX
at a price that while, still not cheap, was a lot less than the real price at say "Williams-Sonoma" and the price I was willing to pay because, after all, it's Le Creuset.  And I mean, food must really taste BETTER when it's cooked in this amazing French Le Creuset pot right??

The first time I used my amazing Le Creuset pot I had made a big batch of home canned green beans to take to my sister-in-law's house.  My husband decided HE would carry the green beans down to the truck.  So he walks down the steps to the truck, tucks the steaming hot Le Creuset pot under his arm to open the door to the truck . . . and drops it.  Delicious home canned green beans go EVERYWHERE, and the pot hits the concrete floor of our garage.

This is what the pot looks like now.

See the big CHIP on the handle? 

The big CRACK down the side?  

My first reaction, being totally honest, was not Christian at all.  I wish I could tell you that I smiled and said "don't worry about it."  But I didn't.  I was FURIOUS and trying not to act FURIOUS, but when you've been married as long as we have, well, he knew I was FURIOUS.  I wanted to scream HOW COULD YOU HAVE DROPPED MY NEW POT.  

Now really, how sad is that.  I mean it's a POT for pete's sake.  He didn't drop it on purpose.  He felt really bad about it.

I think God works hard to keep me humble and remind me that stuff is just STUFF, even if it does have a fancy French name.  And so I still use that cracked pot with the big chip on the side.  And each time I use it I am reminded to focus on what is really important and let the small stuff go.  It's not easy, but I try.  Like using rotisserie chicken . . . . .  


  1. Well, this reminds me of the time I made this amazing dessert - that had to be refrigerated. We all had a piece when I made it, then put it in the fridge. I was so looking forward to having it again the next day, but when I came into the kitchen the next morning, I found the dessert sitting on the kitchen counter! My husband had gotten another piece of it late the night before and FORGOT to put it back in the fridge!! Needless to say - I wasn't very Christlike in my response either!

    Well, we can't be the perfect helpmates all the time (wink wink) :)

  2. I think your chicken and noodles looks delish! Your pot just looks well used....with love of course!! Stop by and say hi....I actually posted on my blog!!

  3. the food sounds wonderful to me...I'm living on Stouffers and happy to eat that. as to the Le C pot...yep, it's a pot but I understand your angst. what a pot! I found mine at an antique store, paid $12 for it and would hate for it to break. otoh, one of these days I'll leave it behind anyway.

  4. Your dish sounds wonderful! I have bought those chickens in the grocery store and used them in many ways. When you are in a hurry and don't have the time for a "from scratch meal" . . . well they can be a life saver and your family is still getting fed a good nutritious meal. I call it fast food at it's best . . . sure beats McDonald's, LOL
    Have a lovely day.
    Connie :)

  5. Cute post, my hubs and I actually made noodles from scratch last weekend on a cold blustery day

  6. Love. And the way you make chicken noodle soup? You are my people. :)

  7. No rotisserie chicken stigma from me!!! I use it for everything-- including my soups!! Yours looks totally delicious:)