Wednesday, May 13, 2015


In three days, I will stand in a church and watch a beautiful young lady in a white dress walk down the aisle to meet the most handsome, most wonderful, most amazing young man any mother could call her son. 

In three days, my son will marry his girlfriend of six years.

In three days, I will become a mother-in-law.  

I am so happy for them.

I am so proud.

And yet, the tears fall.

Tears of joy for my son who is going to be the happiest boy in the world in three days.

Tears of sadness from my husband and I as we let go.

Would you join me in prayer for this couple?

 (their engagement day)

Would you pray for God to pour out His Holy Spirit upon them as they begin their life together as husband and wife.

I ask for God to protect them as they are traveling on their honeymoon and bring them back home safely.

I ask God to bless them as they experience the good days and bad that come with marriage and work and life, and to help them keep their eyes on Him in every situation.

I ask for God to surround them with people who will strengthen them and encourage them, both in their marriage and in their walk with God.

And I ask God to help me trust Him with my children.  They belong to Him anyway.  I am so thankful that He gave me such a wonderful son (and daughter), and for giving me a wonderful daughter-in-law (and son-in-law to be).  God has blessed me beyond measure.  My cup runneth over.

So please be praying for us this Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. and join me in covering this young couple in prayer.

Thank you for your prayers for Cole and Megan.

I will have wedding pictures next week!



  1. Awh, how sweet! What a life changing event for everyone. Sending prayers for Cole, Megan, and both families!

  2. I am in a greeable of your prayer with your son and bride to be.

    How wonderful. I remember the day my first son got married , my daughter next and my youngest sons. I have them up on my blog. How they have matured into adults now. Then two more years later years later the young families began and I became a Grandmother .

    . Now all have been married 23 years and 25 years.

    Hubby and I have been married 53 years. The Lord is good.

    So for sure pray for Gods blessings.

  3. I am having very similar thought to you.... Our second child - older of the girls - is getting married in September, and even though we will still be blessed to have three of our kids at home, it is still a HUGE thing in our lives. Yes, we're very happy that she has found a young Christian man to marry, but the thought of not having us all together under one roof every night .... well, as you know, it's not so easy for us mums to take. So many changes ....

    Praying for you all this Saturday. Looking forward to seeing photos! And praying that both you and 'daddy' will be able to hold it together on the day :)
    Love, Anne x

  4. This is so sweet! Congratulations to all of you. Enjoy the happy day on Saturday!

  5. your precious words gave me chills...what a lucky couple! My husband gets on his knees every single morning beside our bed and together we pray over our children and grandchildren and our own marriage. God loves that don't you think? I think this will be a very happy couple!

  6. Oh how exciting! Wish we could be there! Hope their day is a beautiful one for all of you! --Candi

  7. Oh it is going to be a beautiful day. We did it last year here on the farm. I cried and I am sure you will too. HUGS B

  8. Prayers for you and your kids! It's such a beautiful, sad, happy, and everything in between time! As they grow, we grow and with every season God brings new joys and new challenges. I pray for great love and joy to surround them and for great peace for you. I'm looking forward to the pictures!

  9. Wow this one slipped up on me! Time does fly! Congratulations to all.. they are a perfect couple.. such a handsome groom and beautiful bride. You can just see them both glowing! Sending up prayers for a wonderful life together for them <3