Monday, June 15, 2015


Suppertime at our house.  We eat meat and a vegetable.  I usually serve a lettuce salad on the side and we all love Ranch dressing.

This was our supper from a couple nights ago.  And a very typical meat at our house.  Pork steak and green beans.  Even though we raise cattle, and BEEF is on the menu most nights, we all love pork steak.

Usually my handsome hubby will grill the pork steak, but this particular evening he was just too busy . . . so pan fried had to do.

We love potatoes, but I'm usually low-carbing it, so potatoes aren't on the menu very often.  My family LOVES my roasted potatoes.  Yum Yum!  Sometimes I break my low-carb rule and fix potatoes, but on this particular evening, just meat and green beans and a salad.

And in case you're wondering, NO, those green beans aren't home canned.  We used up all our home canned green beans several months ago.  These are store bought.  And it has been so WET we haven't even planted our garden yet this year so we won't have any home canned green beans until fall.

What's a typical meal at your house?  


  1. Tonight we had a nice cool ham sandwich...such a great change for a hot summer day

  2. If I'm fixing a meat dish, I will prepare a veggie and a starch with it. I'm learning that it's ok to have two items and that three isn't necessary :) A few times a week we will have bread with our meal too.

    We aren't fancy, so just regular recipes.