Monday, December 28, 2015


Today I'm sharing a link to the wonderful blog THE LETTERED COTTAGE!  If you don't "follow" sweet Layla you should.  She is a beautiful young woman who loves the Lord and she and her husband, Kevin, are in the final stretch of adopting a sweet baby boy from Haiti.  

Today on her blog she posted about DRIBUTTS.  DriButts provides reusable diapers to babies in Haiti who DON'T HAVE DIAPERS.  That's right.  There are mamas in Haiti who don't have diapers.  Babies who have never worn a diaper.  

This is unimaginable to me.  And I don't have to describe to you how this affects the UN-CLEANLINESS of the house these babies live in.  No wonder so many babies die from disease. 

So this morning I logged on and donated $30 which will provide TWO DIAPERS for a baby in Haiti.  These diapers are washable and reusable and will last about two years if properly cared for.  And part of what DriButts does is educate these mamas (and daddys) about the importance of keeping their babies clean and how to use and clean the diapers.

Please search your heart as you read this and see if the Lord will lead you to make a donation to this incredibly worthwhile project.  You don't have to travel to Haiti to make a difference in Haiti.   Go to Layla's blog, or visit the DriButts website to read about how YOU can make a difference in the lives of families in Haiti!!


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