Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Living the California Life

This morning my cell phone rang at work.  It was my beautiful daughter Alex and she NEVER calls me at work.  I could tell something was wrong as soon as I heard her voice.  She had experienced her first EARTHQUAKE.  She said it woke her up, shaking the bed for four or five seconds.  

M 4.5 Earthquake
4km NNW of Banning, California
An earthquake with magnitude 4.5 occurred near Banning, CA at 14:42:34.80 UTC on Jan 6, 2016 ...
17 mins ago – U.S. Geological Survey
 I know earthquakes are the "norm" to folks from California . . . but to a mama from Missouri 1,800 miles away from her baby girl it's not normal at all!!!

I reassured her (and myself) and reminded her that earthquakes are commonplace for California, but I know she was pretty upset.  And I was upset too.
So if you could say a few extra prayers for her today I'd sure appreciate it!!!


  1. My brother lives in Rendondo Beach, CA. I have visited him but thank God, have never felt one. But my inlaws who live in Ponca City, OK, recently had a 4.0 earthquake. Let's pray New Madrid stays sleeping.

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  3. Oh my goodness how scary. Prayers.