Monday, October 20, 2008

Outdoor Wood Furnace

Over the last few years, the cost of propane has skyrocketed. Not only do we heat our turkey barns with propane, we heat our house. So, this year, we have decided to install a Hardy Outdoor Wood Furnace. Basically, the stove burns wood and heats water to 170 degrees. This water is then circulated through underground water lines (hence the ditch through our yard) into a radiator type coil in our duct work. So, when our house cools down, instead of our furnace kicking on and burning propane, the thermostat will trigger the draft on the stove to open up, causing the fire to burn hotter and the water to get hotter and then the furnace fan kicks on blowing air over the radiator which warms up the air and blows it into our house through the furnace vents. Make sense????? A side benefit of this furnace is the hot water. Nobody in the Griffith family will EVER take a cold shower again because the hot water from the furnace circulates through the hot water heater! Hooray!!!!

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  1. I'm pondering something. I am ALOT bigger then my 9 year old daughter. In fact, she is extremely small for her age. However it takes her 3 times as long to take a shower then it does me. I really dont understand. Where am I going with this........The Griffith's always having hot water. Oh my. How awesome would that be. If the 9 year old has showered, well your hosed...............hosed with freeing water. So, I always make her take an early shower of an evening. She never asks why, but the truth is, I have to have some hot water left for me. Yeah for you Robbin Poo!!!!!