Monday, November 10, 2008


Yes, for those readers of this blog who don't live in Mid-Missouri, gasoline dropped to $1.99 over the weekend. Diesel is $2.79 which is still outrageous, but a far cry from the $3.89 for gasoline and $4.69 for diesel that we were paying just a few months ago!!! Hopefully with the October stock market crash and presidential election behind us, the economy will begin to improve.

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  1. Opec ruined us!!!!! While they sip their champange and laugh at us and fuel terrorist we paid the price and will again. Hello, are we stupid? We have made those countries trillionairs while we are going broke. WHY DID OUR CURRENT IDIOT IN OFFICE SIT BACK AND DO NOTHING. INSTEAD OF A BAIL OUT FOR CORPORATE PIGS WHY DID HE NOT DO SOMETHING. Hope he's happy. Now he can go back to his ranch in Texas while I pay for him to have the best medical care and secret service protection for the rest of his life & his families, while I am struggling to pay my bills and feed my family. I would really like to have a face to face with that man.