Monday, November 3, 2008

Youth Hunt

This weekend was the Missouri youth hunt for all hunters age 15 and younger. Billy Paul and I and Cole and Alex got up WAAAAAAYYYY before the sun came up both Saturday and Sunday morning, and then watched the sun go down Saturday night and Sunday night scouring Griffith land for big bucks. Alas, we only saw ONE buck and he wasn't that big. We saw several does and honestly had a great family time. The weather was absolutely perfect, but I think the fact that it was so warm kept the "big one" back in the woods. Regular hunting season starts in two weeks so we'll be catching up on our sleep until then.


  1. I have a feeling, some people might consider me a tree hugger in my family because we dont hunt. I don't like to see anything die. I have a really soft heart and my first thought is "does it want it's life to end today?" NO, I'm sure it does'nt. Some might argue they don't have feelings like that and I have to disagree. A female animal will die protecting her child, just like a human. That is love of somekind. Instinct that God puts in everything to protect. I would argue, that is LOVE. So, I cant do it, I cant take anythings life. Billy Paul would call me stupid, I know. But that's okay. I know the population of deer needs to be minimal for their own good. I'm not against the hunt, I just cant do it myself. Sorry they did'nt get one, (kind of).

  2. i have tons of fun memories of hunting with my dad! what a fun thing for you all to do together!