Monday, March 9, 2009

EHS Student of the Month

It seemed like there were several posts in a row that were ALL ABOUT ALEX. Her basketball, her birthday, just lots going on in her life. Well, now, it seems all I do is post about Cole. His basketball, getting his license, National Honor Society. Well, now I'm posting about him AGAIN, because last week he was named Eldon High School's Student of the Month.

I tried to upload a scan of the article that was in the newspaper, since the Eldon Advertiser is still in the dark ages and you can't find the articles online, BUT, it won't let me upload a PDF document and I'm not smart enough to convert it, SO, I am retyping the article below:

"Cole Griffith, son of Billy Paul and Robbin Griffith of Eldon, is a sophomore at EHS and has been chosen as the EHS student of the month for February. Principal Leane McNay said 'When he was called to the office for his interview during Advisory period, he was in the Agriculture Department working with his FFA meats team, preparing for contest. Cole was born into a farming family, and it is his passion, his past and his future. He also participates in athletics, playing both basketball and football. His attendance rate is an astounding 99.5%! While challenging himself with a rigorous course schedule including four honors courses, a foreign language class and Agriculture Science II, he maintains a high GPA and was inducted into the EHS National Honor Society on Tuesday evening, March 3. Cole is polite and respectful always, and represents everything we are proud of at Eldon High School. Congratulations, Cole!'"

So, I hope you'll forgive me, but I just had to share this about Cole. Now, I PROMISE my next post won't have anything to do with either of my children. Hmmm, what the heck in my life has nothing to do with my children . . . . .

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