Saturday, March 28, 2009

Homemade Strawberry Jam

It is a really dreary day here today. It has rained off and on all day long and it is COLD. The perfect day to do some canning!!! My Aunt Kathy got some strawberries this week and shared them with my mom, who shared them with me :)! So, I got out my jars and lids and rings and, with Alex's help, made this delicious strawberry jam!

Last fall I made some apple butter that was delicious. So I decided to give some strawberry jam a try. I cut the stems off of the berries, rinsed them and cut them in fourths. I mashed them with a potato masher then put them in a pot on the stove. I had about 7 cups of mashed strawberries. To that I added 5 cups of white sugar and about 1/3 cup lemon juice. I stirred the mixture on low until the sugar dissolved then brought it to a full boil. When the strawberry mixture reached 220 degrees I put it into the jars, put on lids and rings and set it aside to "seal."

I'll let you know how it tastes!!!!! Thank you mom and Aunt Kathy for the strawberries. I have some strawberry jam for you!!!

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  1. how was the strawberry jam my granny makes that and it is so good. :D