Saturday, July 4, 2009

Turkey Chronicles - One Week Old

Well, its been one week. One week of eating and drinking and sleeping. Oh, and the turkeys have been doing that too.

This is the same turkey I showed you last week, only now she's one week old.

Seriously, this is the exact same turkey. I whispered in her ear, told her where and when to meet me and there she was. I mean, if you think I can't look at 21,700 baby turkeys and know which one I talked to last week, well, then I'm not much of a turkey farmer. Actually, I'm not much of a turkey farmer, Billy Paul is, but I digress.

The turkeys really don't look that much different. Yes they are a little bigger and they actually have wing feathers but, otherwise they look pretty much the same. So, I let her go back to what she does best, eating and drinking and sleeping. But don't worry, I have a date with my little turkey chick friend next week, same time, same place. She better be there.

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