Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Billy Paul

Today is my husband's birthday. Today, and for the next 8 days, he and I are the same age. And then I will be a year older than him, and he never lets me forget it. So I will RELISH these next 8 days!!!

I have known him for more than half of my life. Heck, I have been married to him for more than half of my life.

And I love him today more than I did back then. Because, as anyone who has been happily married for a long time will tell you, love GROWS. Love grows because of things you've enjoyed together, and love grows through hard times you've gone through together. Love grows on those days when you are reminded just why, out of all the people on earth, you chose HIM. Love grows because you choose for it to grow and I CHOOSE to love this man for the rest of my life. Very easy choice. He is the BEST!

So happy birthday, babe!!! I hope this is your best one yet.
Now, I know what you're thinking, you want to know how old he is. But, if I tell you how old HE IS, then it's the same as telling you how old I AM, because I just told you we are the same age as of today.
You really wanna know??
O.K. I'll tell you.
He's 44!


  1. ok, blogger isn't treating me nice :) i'll try this again. Happy B-day to your hubby, and early b-day wishes for you as well. 44/45 is young! (i'll be 49 very very soon - yikes) -Tammy

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