Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Like Cows

I talk a lot about turkeys here at Down On The Farm. If people ask about my life, I usually say "I live on a turkey farm." But its not ALL about the turkeys, we raise cows too. Actually, we raise a LOT of cows. We run a cow/calf operation.

Some farmers only raise feeder calves. Meaning, they buy calves when they are small, feed them until they weigh a certain weight, then sell them, making money off the weight gain, since calves are sold by the pound. We have mama cows that we raise and they have babies on our farm, then we sell the heifers and steers when they weigh between 500 and 700 pounds. Some of the better heifer calves (girls) we hold back each year to be mama cows.

I especially love baby calves, but this time of year we don't have too many little babies.

Cole likes cows too. In fact, Cole rents a small farm from my great aunt and has six cow/calf pairs there. He has three heifers that he is raising to be mama cows and, yesterday, he bought five more cow/calf pairs.

Yep, Cole like cows.

And cows like him too . . but then he's a pretty neat kid, they BETTER like him, or they've got ME to deal with.


  1. Yay for cows! We only keep 25-30 mamas, but still a lot of work to do the hay and keep the fence up, etc. We are going to have to sell our old bull - maybe next week. I am so sad - he's just a big ol' sweetheart :-( But then we'll need to find a new bull. Maybe we need to talk to y'all! Any Black Angus bulls for sale? :) -tammy

  2. Love your blog.
    I'll be back again & again.
    ~Vickie, Nashville Tennessee

  3. can i come live with you? your life looks like so much fun, relaxing too :)