Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby, Got You On My Mind!

On October 12, 2009, my hubby and I celebrated 24 years of marriage. Hard to believe really, and I know those of you who've been married more than a year or two understand the feeling. It really just seems like yesterday (O.K., maybe not YESTERDAY) that we got married and started off on this crazy thing called "life together." I have more memories WITH him, than I do WITHOUT him. Been married to him for over half my life. And it's been great. Now I won't say we haven't had some days better than others, who hasn't, BUT, I will say this -- I am so thankful to God for bringing us together. I love you BP, and I can't imagine any other life than the one we have . . . together!


  1. HAPPY (a few days late) ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you two took some time together and forgot about your busy lives for a minute or so :)

    my pumpkin is going to eventually be carved by a master carver from oregon and then put on display !

  2. Happy, Happy Anniversary! Enjoyed another visit here.

    Come over and share a fav. dessert recipe with us!
    (Check your archive; you might already have one there.)

    Send a friend over, too. We are so ready to bake!!

  3. Happy Anniversary to You!! That is a loooong time by today's standards. Congratulations to you both. -Tammy