Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Alex's 8th grade volleyball team is having a fantastic season. They went into last night's game undefeated 4-0. They have been playing extremely well, and really coming together as a team. Last night they lost to Camdenton. We won the first match, came VERY close on the second set, but just couldn't hold on and lost the third set. The girls really shouldn't be too disappointed. Because, while winning is more fun than losing (come on, you know it is), a Class 3 school losing to a Class 5 school is nothing to be ashamed of. The girls are back in play Thursday night at Osage. We beat Osage last week, and I expect a victory Thursday night. Come on girls. SHAKE off the loss and move on to the next game. There are a lot of volleyball games left to play!


  1. Good luck with the season and enjoy every moment of it!


  2. How fun! Enjoy all of it. How did the girls do at last night's game? Sounds like they've been doing *great*! -Tammy