Monday, April 12, 2010

Prayers Appreciated

It has been awhile since I have mentioned my sweet Grandma Flo.  It has been 6 weeks since we were told by the doctors that she had cancer, and worse, that she had just a few days to live.  I saw her on Saturday and I must say she does seem to be getting weaker.  Just getting from her bed to the chair in her "TV" room tires her.  She doesn't have much of an appetite either, but she is still eating.  As I have said before, my Grandma belongs to Jesus, and when He takes her home, I know that I will see her again and I am so thankful for that.  Her passing will be hard, but bearable because I know it will be temporary.  Revelation promises us no more death, no tears.  Hallelujah!

Ladies my prayer request today isn't specifically for my Grandma, although prayers for her are welcomed.  My prayer request is for my family.  I wish I could tell you that since I belong to Jesus everything in my life is wonderful.  That because I am a Christian I don't have troubles.  I would love to tell you that, but those of you who know Him, know that isn't true.  Even Jesus said in John 16:33, "In the world you will have troubles, be of good cheer, I have overcome the world!"  What He does promise is that we can pray, and that He hears.  That He perfects that which concerns us.  Well, I have a situation that concerns me greatly.

About two weeks ago my mother, two of her sisters, and one of her brothers (my mom is one of 8 kids) took my grandmother to the nursing home.  Twenty-four/seven care is exhausting and they just couldn't do it anymore.  Of course, nobody wants to go to the nursing home, but Grandma understood that it was time and went willingly.  One of my mom's sisters did not agree with taking her to the nursing home (that's putting it MILDLY) and, several hours later, went to the nursing home and got her and took her back home (to my Grandma's home).  I won't go into the horrible details.  But, needless to say, you can imagine the uproar this has caused. 

Please pray for God to move in this situation.  I am at a loss as to how to pray, or what to pray for.  Much has been said that can't be taken back.  Feelings have been hurt.  Can I just say that it is awful!  But I know that NOTHING is too difficult for God.  Nothing is too big for Him.  I appreciate each one of you who lifts my family in prayer.  We desperately need His hand to move.

I have put off sharing this with you.  You never think that your family will have to deal with things like this and its certainly not something you want to tell others.  But if you don't know, then you can't pray, and this situation needs to be bathed in prayer.  My mother, as you can imagine, is heartbroken and I would specifically ask that you lift her up (her name is Donna) and pray for wisdom and strength and encouragement.

I know that God is in control.  And I trust Him.  I know nothing surprises Him, and this situation is no different.  I know that together our prayers move the hand of God, and His hand changes everything.  I anxiously await the victory.  Thank you.


  1. Prayers have been lifted. I understand the situation completely. May God bathe this situation in knowledge and understanding for what is best of all will be accomplished.


  2. Will do! Such a heart breaking thing. We know God is in the "heart" business, so we will pray for His divine intervention in the lives of all your family.

  3. Sending up prayers for your mother, and peace in your family. And also your dear grandmother of course!

    I know that feeling all too well. I always said it would never happen in our family, but a few short years ago it DID. And it was horrible - for about 3 years. Then eventually, peace returned and everyone lived in harmony again. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Again, I pray for all of you. Blessings & Hugs, Tammy

  4. I understand your pain. My sister and I are the last two people I ever thought would have problems with a parent in a nursing home, but we did. It does take a lot of prayer, faith, and just leaving it in Jesus' hands to heal the situation. I'm with you on this one for sure. Hugs for you and gramma as well.

  5. I'll be praying for your family to get along and make these difficult decisions in harmony. Good luck!

  6. Good morning...I found you on Carrie's blog and wanted to come visit you. Really enjoy your blog and will be back to visit...your life looks very blessed. I'm so so so sorry to hear about your Gma. I sympathize and understand. I am going through trials with my 73 year old mom who has Alzheimers and struggles with family as well. I really do understand. God bless...pray...and keep your chin up. You are in my prayers.

  7. Will pray for your mother and Peace for you family

  8. How difficult these days are for you and yours but you're a wise woman - relying on God and knowing you'll be reunited in heaven.

  9. Good afternoon...I'm another Jacque who came over from Jackie's blog. Just read this and my heart aches for your family. It's so hard when not only are you dealing with a heartbreaking situation with someone you love who is dying, but then the family matters on top of it. We had a situation in my family recently, not the same, but equally awful, and I know that prayer has helped it. Just know that none of us are totally "ourselves" when we are under such emotional pain and stress. I'm praying for you and yours right now...and I too will wait to hear how God moves in this situation. You did the right thing by posting it and asking for prayers. Brace yourself though, because most likely someone will be upset that you made it "public". That's what happened to me, anyway. But you need the strength of like minded sisters to hold you up right now. I hope you can feel it. God's peace to you.

  10. lifting your family up in prayer. i am so sorry.

  11. Oh, how I know about situations like this. You and your family are in my prayers. I hope that your Grandma is doing okay today.

    Hugs to you,

  12. Carrie @

    Father, I pray for Donna and her siblings who are divided right now. Each one of them loves their momma. I ask you to bring unity in their hearts, to make the decision You want them to make. I pray that you would fill each one of these adults with your Spirit, so they would act with humility and forgiveness. And I pray for their mom, that you would give her peace of mind that no matter where she lives, you are always with her and will never leave her. In the name of Your Son,

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