Monday, April 12, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Wow!  It has just been beautiful in my neck of the woods these last few days.  The grass is growing (I've mowed twice), the frogs are hollering, and the temperature has been above normal.  Hey, come on, we deserve it.  Missouri had a really, really long, cold, wet winter! 

So last night we decided it was time to build a fire, roast some hot dogs and have s'mores!  So I sent BP and the kids to build a fire.  That's one of their favorite things, setting things on fire.  I'll have to expand more on that at another time! 

So, after the fire died down we had an old fashioned weenie roast!  Actually they're not old fashioned.  We have them a lot at our house!  We sat outside enjoying the stars and the beautiful evening.  And I realized just how lucky I am, to enjoy the life I live.  It was quiet outside.  No neighbors.  The stars were so bright, it looked as if I could have touched them.  My husband and my children were there with me.  I am a very blessed wife and mother.  Thank you Lord for the simple pleasures in life. 


  1. It is in those simplest blessings that give us the best treasures. God is awesome! Have a great week and God bless.

  2. Well hello, Down on the Farm! I just wanted to say thanks for your comment today and thanks for following me!

    I love your blog and could totally relate to what you said about wanting to live in town. I grew up on a farm (which, in itself, was great), but I could not wait to get out of the country. I now live in town with lots of neighbors and lots of people around me. I LOVE IT! :)

    The bonfire sure sounds nice, though. (We can't do that in town!)

  3. Sounds like so much fun! That fire looked big-but maybe because I'm a town girl, and can only do fires in the fireplace. :P