Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Can You Believe It Is November?????

Today I am writing 11-1-11.  November 1, 2011.  I really can't believe it is November.  And the weather doesn't know it's November either.  Today it is supposed to be 75 degrees.  And that's WARM for Missouri in November.  But tomorrow, well, tomorrow November will arrive.  Rain will start tomorrow afternoon (rain that we desperately need I might add), and the temperatures will begin to PLUMMET down to the 40s by tomorrow night.  And then on Thursday, it is supposed to rain and only be in the 50s.  Now THAT is normal November weather for our neck of the woods.

I wish I could send some of this rain down to all my friends in Oklahoma and Texas.  They need the rain more than we do, and we need rain.

So are  you ready for November?  Are you ready for the time change this weekend (I'm NOT!)?  Have you started Christmas shopping yet, or are you like me, haven't really even THOUGHT about it!  We better get ready, 'cause the most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us!!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the arrival of November!  


  1. I am so NOT ready for the cold Missouri weather. I'm really liking this 70 degrees. As far as the time change....don't care for that either. Means it will be dark when I get home from work. Christmas shopping....I've picked up a few items but have LOTS more to get. Got a girls weekend planned to hopefully help get some more items bought. Love your BLOG

  2. I just found your blog through your comment on The Pioneer Woman's website. I am hoping for an Irish fall for all our friends in Oklahoma and Texas - lots of rainy days that soak their parched earth. Thanks for all your lovely, encouraging thoughts to help us prepare for the holidays and the lovely season fast approaching.

  3. Going to start raining in Oregon, in the high 30's at night. A good day to sew! Not ready for the holidays, but mentally preparing!

  4. Oh, no you did not mention Christmas shopping this early. Arghhh! Of course I haven't started. :P

  5. Wind-wind-wind here...getting cooler by the hour!!

  6. Loved your last two posts! Having the exact same weather here in Kansas and having those exact thoughts too! Can't believe it's November and that Christmas is upon us! Yikes! I haven't even thought about Christmas yet! I love the fall holidays!
    Your hay bale decor is adorable! And shame on "someone" for taking a pumpkin! I will NEVER understand people that do that!
    NOT looking forward to changing of the time! Too dark too early!
    But come December 20, we start going back the other way! ;0)
    Have a blessed wet cold Thursday!The rain is good and God provides!

  7. We already started winter here in CT with 8 inches of snow last week and then Indian Summer came back this week - it is just crazy weather!

    Christmas shopping has been started, but I need to plan for Thanksgiving first!

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