Friday, April 13, 2012

Have You Planted Your Garden Yet?

Around here this time of year the big question on everyone's lips is "Have you planted your garden yet?"  We had a very early, warm spring here in Central Missouri.  Temperatures in the 80s in March!  Although today it's a tad bit cooler and raining, all everybody can talk about is gardening.

We have NOT planted one thing in our garden yet.  We have it all tilled up and ready to go.  In fact, this is what my garden looked like yesterday, before the rain started.

We've purchased all of our seeds.  But nothing has been planted. My husband is paranoid about frost.  And as all of our friends and neighbors were planting their gardens a month ago, my husband said "I'm not plantin' yet.  It could frost."  And frost it did.  There was frost all around us last week, and we had a heavy frost earlier this week.  He wanted to plant this week, but the Farmer's Almanac called April 10-12 "barren days" so of course you can't plant on barren days.  The Almanac says this weekend is "favorable for planting root crops."  But when the garden is muddy well, that's not very favorable!

So I don't know when we'll get our planting done.  We are ready as soon as the weather cooperates.  But we're supposed to have rain all weekend, and the first of next week. Maybe we should have ignored the Farmer's Almanac's cry of "barren days" and planted this week anyway??

This is what our garden will look like in a month or so.  These are green onions!

These are tomatoes! 

This is what our green beans will look like.  I can just TASTE those home canned green beans.  Actually, I CAN'T taste them right now because we ran out!!!  I know it is a shame, but we are now eating store bought green beans.  Yuck! 

And this.  Just LOOK at those rows of yummy CORN!!!

Do you plant by the Almanac?  Do you say "phooey" to the Almanac and plant when you're good and ready?  Have you already planted?  I'd love to hear how your garden grows! 

And, I also want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who commented and e-mailed about my bad day yesterday!  I am so thankful to have such a great group of friends to surround me and lift me up when I'm feeling a tad bit blue!!  And even though it's raining here at Down On The Farm, I am so thankful to say that the Son is SHINING IN MY HEART TODAY!!!  "I Know Where I Am Going" too!!!!!!!


  1. We just plant.
    our potatoes are up and hilled already. the spinach, onions, lettuce, radishes and peas are all up.
    We have 40 tomoatoe plants in the dining room just waiting for the right time.
    Hope you have your umbrella handy!

  2. the garden is plowed but not planted. I need to start seeds but our last frost date is 15 May so I've got time...right? -smile-

  3. My dad always planted by the Almanac. I know he would have already searched his seed catalogs by now. Hope he has his own garden up in Heaven.

    We have our seeds bought and I think we are going to start planting this weekend.

    Yes~ we too had that frost last week but I did not loose any of my flowers. We are hot today!

    Have a great afternoon!