Monday, December 2, 2013

Buy American and a Prayer Request!!

If you get a chance this year, PLEASE consider buying American.  Even if it costs a dollar or two extra.  The benefits to our country and our economy are priceless! Visit
for a great selection of American made items!!!

Also, I would appreciate your prayers for my mother.  Her blood pressure has been very high for the last couple of weeks, and the blood pressure medicine doesn't seem to help at all.  She went back to the doctor today and they think it might be something with her kidneys and she will go for an ultrasound this week.  Please pray for her complete healing in Jesus name.  Pray for the Lord to send peace over her.  Pray for her blood pressure to be normal.

Thank each and every one of you for praying!!  Blessings to you!!!!


  1. I will pray. Let us know how she is doing. Take care.

  2. HI Robbin,
    I'm sooooooo behind on blogging/posting (although I did do a quick one!) and pretty much getting anything done! Ha!
    I will definitely say a prayer for your mom! My mom is 77 and in a nursing home with latter stages of Alzheimers. Keep me posted on how she is doing! God is Almighty and prayers are always answered by Him in the best way possible!
    Thinking of you!