Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Please Pray for My Mom

You might recall that my mom had her right hip replaced in April.  Well, she is having the left hip replaced on Monday, July 21st.

Her right hip, her "new" hip, is doing great and she is almost completely pain free.

But the left hip, the "old" hip, is really giving her fits.  Arthritis is wreaking havoc on the joint and she is really in a lot of pain. 

I would appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery, for a quick recovery, and for peace.  She is, of course, nervous about the surgery.  If you're like me, and like to pray for someone by name, know that her name is Donnavee.  I know that God will be in that operating room with her.  He is The Healer.

It is beautiful here in Missouri today.  Temperatures in the 70s, blue skies and low humidity.  Feels more like fall (my favorite) than summer.  This kind of weather is a rarity for the middle of July around these parts.  Thank the Lord for recent rainfall.  We've not had an abundance of rain, but we've had rain every time we've really needed it.

Oh, and something I haven't talked about lately . . . gas prices.  $3.39 per gallon around here.

Next week I'll be sharing some details about a trip my daughter and I are taking very soon.  Passports are required . . . .

Stay tuned, and please keep my mom in your prayers!! 


  1. whoo marvelous! Yes, praying for your Mom and in the ways requested. gas here is $3.30/gallon and it's been downright night it deeps to very low 50's. sweater weather and in July!

  2. I am praying and will be praying for your momma ~until she has recovered. Keep me posted~My Friend!