Monday, January 23, 2017

More Prayers Needed and an Update

I really appreciate those of you who keep reading my blog.  If you've stuck with me this long, you must love Jesus tremendously.  And I hope you do, 'cause I have more prayer requests.

Sadly, tragedy has struck again in our area.  A family we know lost their 9 year old son last week in a tractor accident.  I won't go into the details, they aren't important.  What is important is that parents have lost a son.  Two sets of grandparents have lost a grandson.  Where there were three brothers, now there are two.  This family is devastated.  I wonder why on earth this happened, and there is no answer.  The funeral was yesterday.  Please lift the Rush family before the throne of grace.  They need comfort and they need peace.  The entire community is heartbroken.  

A lady in our community lost her battle with breast cancer last week.  Her funeral was this morning.  She was 62 years old.  I don't know her well.  I hope she knew Jesus.  Please keep the Horton family in your prayers as they need comfort.  No matter how old you are, losing a parent is hard.

Speaking of parents, I'll update you on my mom.  After having really a pretty great week last week, Saturday morning we took her to the emergency room with severe stomach pain.  The ER physician ran all sorts of blood tests and everything came back normal (praise the Lord)!    But knowing her diagnosis he wanted to do a CT scan of her abdomen just to make certain there wasn't something there that would have caused such sharp pain.  He came into the room after the scan and said "Good news, the CT scan didn't show any abnormalities in her abdomen.  And by the way, those tumors in her liver, THEY ARE SMALLER!"  The chemotherapy (she has taken 7 of 12 treatments) IS WORKING AND SHRINKING THE TUMORS!!!!  So while we still have no idea why her stomach was hurting (she has felt fine ever since!!!) and I have no idea why God wanted us to spend HOURS at the emergency room on Saturday, WE ARE PRAISING THE LORD THAT THE TUMORS ARE SMALLER!!!!!

We are heading to MD Anderson in Houston tomorrow.  Mom has blood work and a CT scan on Wednesday, and we meet with her oncologist Thursday morning to hear the results of the scan and see where we go from here.  If you recall, they are hoping the chemo has shrunk the tumors to the point they can operate and remove the part of the liver where the tumors are located.  THAT IS OUR PRAYER.  If the tumors are small enough, they we meet with the surgeon Friday morning to discuss the details of surgery.  If surgery isn't an option, then we are praying there are other treatments available that can help.

If you're still with me after another pretty heavy post, then I ask that you agree with me in prayer for God's perfect will for my mom.  We are asking for healing and we are believing for healing in Jesus name.  We know that God is a loving God and I don't believe He brings sickness upon His children.  But we also know that we live in a sinful, fallen world.  And bad things happen to good people every single day.  We believe that God has allowed this to come into her life, and my family's life, and we want Him to use this for His glory.  We want others to see Jesus in us.  This is not an easy path to walk.  As I've said before, we want this "cup" to pass over us.  But in the meantime we want to serve Him and ask that He uses us.  We want to be His light shining in Houston, Texas 'cause nobody is at MD Anderson because they have a sore throat.  It is full of people with a very serious disease.  They all need Jesus.  Praying that we can be His hands and His feet and His voice while we are there.

Thank you thank you thank you for your prayers.  We feel them.   We ask for safe travels down there and back, and a good report. We ask for strength to walk down this road in peace.

Please remember the Rush family and the Horton family.  They need prayers.

Keeping my eyes on Jesus.  I hope you do the same.
He is the only way.


  1. Well, you know that I am praying for your mom and have been all along. John had some issues with stomach, too, after chemo for a few weeks. Sometime it is nothing more than a severe abrasion to the lining of the stomach--which really doesn't show up on the scans...but will with a scope. I am so hoping that she will be ready for surgery--if not--there is a reason for that, too. It is just so hard to be in the "wait" mode, I know.

    Praying for both families you mentioned. How AWFUL to lose a little boy to a farm accident. Just heartbreaking. And cancer, well...we know the devastation that causes to a family. I am sorry that the Horton family lost someone to the cancer devil.
    Have a good week and text me when you can to let me know about your mom! xo Diana

  2. I am with you in prayer for all these mentioned! Very tough stuff on all levels. For your mom, I pray you get the best results possible. Keep us posted!

  3. Always appreciate your visit and prayers sister. Right back at you and I'm so glad that the tumor had shrunk! PTL! Of course, we must remain to be prayerful...And I agree with the prayers for the people you mentioned. So many suffering but I trust the Lord is in our midst! Be strong in the Lord's mighty power!

  4. Such encouraging news about your mom!

  5. Thanks for the up-date about your mom. I was praying for her this morning that she would have a good appetite and gain some weight, and that those tumors would shrink to nothing. God sees. I pray that God of all comfort would comfort your mother during this season and that the angels of God would minister to her in Jesus' Name. I bind every trick, lie, and plot of the enemy off of her life and I loose healing, wholeness, life and truth, and holy vindication in her behalf. I decree in the Name of Jesus that the enemy may come against her one way, but he'll flee before her seven ways. Lord, we stand in agreement with your word that never returns to You void, but will accomplish what it is sent to do. In the mighty Name of Jesus. amen.
    Praying for these precious people also.
    God bless.

  6. Robbin, I will be praying for your mother, the families of those who have lost loved ones, and for safe travels. Take care.