Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Clear and 15 Degrees

We finally have some sunshine this morning, but it sure was chilly.  

15 Degrees 

I hope all of our little baby calves
are staying warm!

You'll notice there's not much green grass.
It's still pretty much winter here in Missouri.

But the temperatures are supposed to warm up a bit this weekend (hello 60 degrees) and hopefully those little green shoots will start springing up all over the place.

The cows are tired of eating hay.

They want green grass!!!

We sure do need some rain!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!


  1. Happy Wednesday back at ya! Cows, eh? I know nothing about cows. I think living on a farm would be the best of life. A lot of work for sure. I am not a farm girl, although I live in an area of farms all around me. I am in the Buckeye state. Cold here, too. We actually had snow yesterday, but it was gone by evening. I am really ready for the change in seasons, for sure.
    It is good to rest in the Lord and slow down some. We have a tendency to push hard when we need to rest in Him and enjoy it. It is good for us.

  2. Yes ma'am it was chilly this morning. I met flat creek farm (Tammy) in Ashland for lunch. Hope those cute little calves stay warm.

  3. How are things going? Think of you often.