Friday, March 24, 2017

Finally Friday

Man, this has been a long week!!  Could be that I'm extremely busy at work.  Could be that the weather has been SO NICE and I'm stuck in the office.  Could be that our beautiful daughter flies home for a visit next week!!!  (Six more days but who's counting??!!)

My mom has been feeling great.  She has had no side effects from the portal embolization!  Thank you, Jesus!!!  We are praying that the left side of her liver is growing so it can "carry the load" once the right side of her liver is removed two weeks from yesterday!!  I can't thank you all enough for praying for my mother.  The Bible tells us that the prayer of faith SHALL heal the sick.  And I believe that with my whole heart.

Mom did have to go to the doctor yesterday.  She has had a pain in her right leg for a few days.  It is not a blood clot, and the doctor isn't concerned that it is in any way related to her cancer, but he sent her for an x-ray yesterday afternoon and we're waiting on results (hopefully today!)  Please agree with us in prayer that this is nothing but a pulled muscle and that the leg pain will just go away!  I think she just over did it earlier this week.  She has felt so bad all winter, that now that she's feeling good she's trying to make up for lost time!  I keep telling her to take it SLOW, but she doesn't listen to me very well hehe!!

I would appreciate prayers for my Uncle Ronnie who lost his girlfriend of over 30 years this week.  She left a son and several grandchildren and I know they are heartbroken.

We need RAIN here in Missouri, and it looks like a big rain is headed our way later today and through the weekend.  Thank you Lord for the rain!!!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!!!  God is good!!!!!


  1. I am so happy that things are going so great for your mom, Robbin. That makes your life easier, too.
    How wonderful that your daughter is coming home for a bit. I know you will be thrilled to see her. It is so hard when they are gone no matter their age.

    Saying a prayer that your mom's test show nothing. Let me know--- We really need to play 'catch up' one day soon. Life is just busy, isn't it? xo Diana

  2. Prayers for your mom continue! Glad you get to see your daughter. My family will all be together this weekend. Makes this momma happy, too!