Thursday, November 9, 2017


During the procedure Monday on mom's back, they discovered she has another compressed vertebra.  So 3 compression fractures instead of 2.  Sometime in the last 3 weeks another vertebrae became compressed.  They were only able to fix 2 of the fractures since, as the doctor explained, they can only do 2 at a time so instead of coming out of the procedure pain free . . . she's still hurting.

They have put her on a stronger pain medicine which helps a little, but of course doesn't take the pain away. She will have to go back in a couple of weeks for the same procedure to get the third compression fracture fixed. 

The only way to keep the compression fractures from continuing is to start giving her injections every six months to strengthen the bones.  But she has to have some teeth pulled before they can give her the injection, since the injection will make pulling any teeth nearly impossible, and my mom's teeth are not good.

In the middle of everything, my mom is trying to take maintenance chemo every week.

As you can imagine all of this is very discouraging to my mom, and to our entire family. 

I feel like a broken record, but I need you all to join me in speaking healing over my mother.  The issues just keep piling on and she needs a touch from Jesus.

We continue to put our trust in Him. 

He is our Strength.

He is our Healer.

Please agree with me in prayer for my beautiful mom.

And thanks to everyone who has stuck with me this past year and a half.

I know it's been a long time since I wrote anything that wasn't about my mom.

But our world pretty much revolves around my mom's health these days.

Thank you all for praying.  It is appreciated more than you can imagine.


  1. I will be in prayer for her, Robbin, and I will put a link up to your blog on Sunday. She has had too much to bear....and so have you! xo Diana

  2. Parents for many of us are special parts of who we are. We honor them, and are taught to do this by Scripture. No apologies are expected from you. Many mother's could wish for a dedicated daughter as you are to your mother. This has been a long battle for you all. No sin in being exhausted or discouraged. I'm sure God has collected every tear cried. God knows our frames are but dust. But hang on. we know that our God is a prayer answering God. One more prayer may be the delivery of the answer, or the miracle. Keep knocking. The answer is there. I know mom is worn down. It has been a year and a half journey. God has not forgotten you and your mom.
    What a privilege it has been for all who have prayed along with you and your mother on this journey. An old song, 'I wouldn't take nothing for my journey now', is so true. May our faith increase and our prayers be with stronger impact. May the Lord give us victory over this battle. May we praise Him in this storm and drive the devil back farther than we already have. Let us not be distracted by reports. We listen for His voice! The only Voice we want to hear! Our God is good. Scripture says, "WATCH and PRAY." I think it's gonna rain! Watch and pray!

  3. Passing by to drop a prayer sister and may you always be reminded that no matter how dark the clouds may seem, the Son is still higher and keeps on shining. Stay strong in the Lord's mighty power. I always leave that to blogging friends I visit because that's the first verse the Lord had shown me when I didn't know what to do when I had a literal spiritual battle. He reminded me we can't fight with our own strength but by His. So, I pray that for all of you. It's physically and mentally draining when going through tough times like that but I know there's no strongest of life's storms that you guys can't weather because He never leaves our side. Blessings to you sister and will continue to agree with you in your petitions.