Monday, November 20, 2017

Updating Again

Mom had a doctor's appointment this morning.

It was decided that she is too weak to take maintenance chemo today, too weak to have oral surgery tomorrow to remove her teeth, and too weak to do the additional vertebroplasty to fix the remaining compression fracture.

So everything is on "hold" for right now.

She is in a lot of pain from getting the impressions done in her mouth, which has caused her to not be able to eat, which has caused her to lose weight she can't afford to lose.

So they sent her back home with some new pain medicine, some new medicine to try to heal her mouth, and instructed her to eat and gain weight.

Eating is very difficult for my mom.

She needs your effectual fervent prayer.
 The Word tells us that is the type of prayer that avails MUCH.

That is what my mom needs right now.
So please pray as if this was your mother, your sister, your daughter, your friend.

Pray with faith trusting our Lord Jesus that He is in control.
We stand upon His Word.

I thank you for your continued prayers.  They mean ever so much.



  1. Oh- I am praying, Robbin. It seems like it just goes from bad to worse. There is something the druggist can mix for chemo patients that might help her mouth not feel so sore. They call it "magic mouthwash" and it is used mostly for patients that have head/neck cancer and undergo radiation but I bet it would work for your mom's mouth, too. It was a life saver for John when he was being treated.
    God bless you and your mom and family. I hope you can enjoy your Thanksgiving in spite of all that is going on. xo Diana

  2. Dropping a prayer and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving anyway sister. I know this must be a difficult time to enjoy the holiday (the celebrations we come to know and all the fun preps)but I know your hearts are always grateful to God's grace. May you all always stay strong with the power God alone gives. Blessings to you sister.

  3. I will pray for your mother and I do hope she will feel like eating some Thanksiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  4. I am new to your blog. So sorry to hear of your mother's health challenges, but thankful for your faith. I will pray for your mom and your family during these difficult days. A little more than a year ago, when I was going thru chemo, my mouth was sore and Biotine helped me. It's available over the counter. Eating was hard for me, too, and I tried Boost and Ensure. Not the most appetizing food, but it helped me regain my strength. May God bless and help you! You will be in my prayers.