Friday, February 2, 2018

February Has Arrived

If you are you like me, you're very disappointed that Tom Brady and the Patriots are in yet ANOTHER Super Bowl??  I am a huge football fan, but not a Brady/Patriots fan.  Is Tom Brady probably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game?  Yes.  He is extremely talented.  But Brady is, in my opinion, not a very nice guy.  So GO EAGLES!!!!!

I'm happy to say that my mom has had a fairly good week of being home.  She is eating better than we would have anticipated.  At least the scale isn't going backward which is a very good thing.  She's had some back pain, but after spending a few hours in the ER Wednesday evening the x-ray showed no new compression fractures (thank you Lord) so they sent her home with some pain meds and told her to take it easy.

I thank you for your continued prayers for her.  She so desperately wants to get better.  She wants to have her energy back and her strength back.  She wants to be able to clean her house and work out in the yard once spring comes. She wants to be able to cook her own meals and go to the grocery store.  We continue to trust the Lord for her healing.  He is our Hope.


  1. Praying your mother will one day soon be able to do some of the things she desires. Hope is a good thing. I am not a fan of football much. Cheering for the underdogs(as in few super bowls) is a good thing to me. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Beautiful header, Robbin. I am so glad your mom is holding her own and not losing more weight. I pray that she will get to enjoy cleaning her own house again and that she will be able to work her garden.

    Patriots? Who? The only team we recognize here is the Green Bay Packers. LOL

    Have a great weekend. xo Diana

  3. Well at least the Eagles won and that was their first superbowl win! We were rooting for the Eagles to win as well. The Patriots coach (whose name has slipped me right now....) caused the NFL to enforce a dress code, yet he won't abide by it and they won't enforce him to. So he goes out looking like he's wearing a sweatshirt from Flash Dance or something... weirdo....

    And I know I'm a little behind in reading, but yey for your mom and prayers still headed your/her/your families way!