Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I remember when I was a kid, and convenience stores were "SERVICE STATIONS." You pulled up to the pump, and out came a guy in a dark blue uniform wiping his greasy hands on a greasy shop towel and my dad would look at him and say "fill 'er up." Then the guy would ask "regular" or "ethel?" And the price on the pump was about 42 cents per gallon. While your tank was filling, they came around and checked the air pressure on your tires and they had a little broom that they swept out the floorboard of the car. And my dad would take out a $5 or a $10 and pay the man and we were on our way. WOAH!! That was a flashback. Nowadays, you pump your OWN gas, fill your OWN tires and sweep (vacuum) out your OWN floorboard. And, the price on the pump in Eldon is now up to $2.29 per gallon, for both regular and diesel.

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