Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009 Black & Gold Bonanza Show

I don't have anything to do this weekend. My house is absolutely spotless. My laundry is all caught up. My yard is manicured. Wait a minute. Who am I kidding? I have a MILLION THINGS I need to be doing this weekend, but they won't get done. Because, my baby is showing her steer, Ticket, at the 2009 Black & Gold Bonanza Show in Sedalia!!!! Alex has shown steers at our local county fair the past two summers and has had a ton of fun. This year, she's "takin' it to the next level" as they say. So, we're gonna load up the stock trailer and head to Sedalia on Saturday for the weigh-in, then be back up there Sunday morning for the show.

If you're interested, here is the link with all the show information

Alex is so excited, it's all she talks about. But, I personally am convinced, that Billy Paul is more excited than she is!!!!! We think she can learn a lot from watching the other kids, and steers, at this show, things that will help her next summer at the county fair. I'll report back next week on our adventures and I'll have pictures too! Think Griswold family here . . . . . . . . .