Monday, November 9, 2009


If you don't like reading about a mom bragging on her offspring, then I can tell you right now you need to stop reading.  This is NOT the post for you.  Because, this past weekend I was so darn proud of my kids I could hardly stand it.  We headed to Sedalia on Saturday for the Black & Gold Bonanza.  This is an annual show for show animals.  Alex has shown steers at our county fair the past couple of years.  This fall she purchased a really sharp steer, Ticket, so we thought we'd take Ticket to the big city (OK, Sedalia isn't exactly the big city) and see how he would stack up against the big boys.

Saturday was the weigh-in, and Sunday morning was the show.  Steers are shown in classes based on their breed (Angus, Chianini, cross-bred) and once in a class, they are shown by weight, so you are competing against steers of comparable size.

Getting the steer ready for the show takes a lot of work.  Alex has been working with her steer for months.  Feeding him, breaking him to lead, washing him, brushing him.  So Saturday afternoon we took Ticket to Sedalia to the State Fairgrounds and weighed him in.  Ticket weighed in at 715 pounds. 

After Ticket was taken care of, we headed over to the Calf Quest sale.  Steers and heifers are auctioned off to be "shown" at county fairs and shows all over.  One person bidding from Colorado by telephone, and two bidders from Arkansas by telephone were high bidders.  There were about 50 animals sold that night.  One of our friends bought a steer Saturday night and wanted to enter him in the show Sunday morning so, Cole was drafted to show the new steer. 

Now Cole really enjoys working with cattle.  He has his own rent farm and has 11 cow/calf pairs, 3 bred heifers and one young heifer. But Cole has never "shown" cattle.  He enjoys helping Alex get ready for the shows but he has always said he would rather be in the background than in the ring.  But he stepped up when he was needed and he showed the new steer Sunday morning at the show.

Of course, Sunday morning, both animals had to be washed and dried again. 

When it came show time, Cole and Alex both did extremely well.  Alex handled her steer like an old pro.  She was confident, professional, and kept Ticket under control in a totally new environment.  And she was absolutely the most beautiful one there.  Seriously.  I am not prejudice.  I know pretty when I see it.

Now remember this was Cole's first time showing, and he did awesome.  He was very calm, very professional.  I doubt one person at the show knew he had never set foot in a show ring before.   And if they did notice, well, they forgot it quickly when Cole looked their way.  You talk about a handsome young man, well . . . he IS!

Speaking of the actual show, I must say that we were seriously out classed, or should I say OUT SPENT.  Alex showed her steer against two other steers in her class.  One of the steers the owners paid $6,000 for, and the other steer, that took first place, the owners paid $7,000 for.  Several of the steers and heifers in the heavier weight classes (Cole and Alex both showed in light weight classes) had been bought for $20,000, $30,000 and up.  Just no way for us to compete against animals like that.  But we had a great time and we learned a lot and we enjoyed a lot of quality family time.

Now, who wouldn't be proud of these kids???

I am the most blessed mother on earth.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!


  1. You have two great-looking kids there, Mom! :) And I can tell they are great kids as well (because I know things like that.. I'm a mom too after all ;-)).

    Congrats to both of them on the show!! -Tammy

  2. Woohoo...
    wished I was there to see it.

  3. I enjoy and appreciate "Kid Bragging"! Very cool!