Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It started raining at Down On The Farm on Sunday morning, early.  My husband actually had the alarm set to get up early to go deer hunting.  But I heard him get out of bed and, just a few minutes later, he got right back into bed.  I said "aren't you going deer hunting?"  And he replied, "nope, it's raining."  And within 2 minutes he was sound asleep.  Well, it's been raining ever since.  It POURED Sunday morning and I mean p-o-u-r-e-d.

It rained all day Sunday and then it rained Sunday night.  It rained Monday and Monday night.  It was raining early this morning when I woke up and it has rained off and on ever since. 

And guess what???  It's gonna rain tonight and tomorrow too.  Does anyone know where the sun is hiding?

1 comment:

  1. you definitely sent the rain here!! it hasnt rained here in like 5 weeks and ITS POURING RIGHT NOW!! oh well should help the cover crops :)