Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blueing Update

Regular readers will remember that a couple of weeks ago, I bought a bottle of Mrs. Stewart's Blueing.  You know, for people who finally admit that their clothes aren't as white as they used to be.  Well, I used it and I must say that I really didn't notice a difference.  Maybe a tiny, tiny bit whiter, but no OH MY GOODNESS, LOOK HOW WHITE OUR SOCKS ARE moment.  I was a little disappointed.  Our clothes need some brightness!!

So, I have taken to adding the blueing to every load of whites.  I put some cold water in a quart jar, add a few drops of blueing, add more cold water to fill the jar about half full, then add the blueing to my washer.  I have a front loading washer, so I add some to the fabric softener dispenser, some to the bleach dispenser, and the rest I put in the soap dispenser. 

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I have never used blueing and can't even buy it here anymore. I will be curious how it turns out.

  2. Well that's kind of disappointing! I was hoping it would give you whiter whites right away!

  3. I look forward to hearing more about this. I still haven't ventured into making my own laundry detergent and softener yet but I spend a lot of money on these products so it sounds like a great idea.


  4. Keep us posted how that works for you because I've got a front-loader too and I'm always afraid to try anything "new". Also, the post for your daughter's birthday...ADORABLE!! ♥

  5. OK, this is just a sidenote, but I think we were posting to each other's blogs at almost the same time - how hilarious!? Also, YES I totally believe those words came out of your son's mouth - what, do they all have a "no moms on Facebook" club or something??? Sheesh!