Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Answered Prayers

Thank you all so much for agreeing with me in prayer for Cole, and for Michael and for Thomas. 

Michael's condition is really improving.  They are hoping to remove the ventilator this week.  He is much more responsive and can nod his head "yes" and shake his head "no" to some basic questions.  These are baby steps, but mean so much to his parents, as we can only imagine. Friday will be four weeks since his head injury.  That he is even alive is truly a miracle.

Thomas, the four-month old baby, had a great day yesterday as well.  The surgeon was able to repair the aneurysm in his heart.  They did not replace the leaky valve in his heart, but instead worked to repair it.  It isn't fixed completely, but it is working MUCH more efficiently.  This will allow him to begin gaining weight, and strength.

Ladies, please continue to lift these two young men, and their families, in prayer.  They have long roads ahead of them, but thank God, our God doesn't get tired, neither does He sleep.  He never leaves us or forsakes us, and never means NEVER.  Praise God for answered prayers.  And thank God for mighty women (and men) who know how to pray.


  1. Praise God! It is so important to share the blessings that God bestows with fellow is such an encouragement on those "dark days". I will continue to keep these boys in my prayers...thank you for sharing their needs with your readers.
    God bless,

  2. Glory to God! Praise reports are like faith markers to me, along this life's highway. God bless.

  3. That is good news. Continuing in prayers!

  4. Good Morning~
    Happy to hear the good news.
    I am up with a cold Boston gave Grammy. He has been fussy this week. Now I know why~this cold comes with a nasty sore throat.
    I hope he feels better soon.
    I have been catching up with all your post I have missed while playing with Boston. I enjoyed getting caught up with you!
    You have a wonderful Friday!