Monday, June 14, 2010

Prayer for Three Young Men

Good Morning my friends!  I hope the sun is shining on you, and I pray The Son is shining in your life.  Today I would like to ask for prayer for three young men.  The first young man is my son, Cole.  Cole is at Boy's State this week.  Boy's State is a leadership and citizenship program held each year.  Nearly 1,000 of Missouri's outstanding junior boys are there learning about leadership and government.  Please pray for Cole to be safe while he is there and for God to use him while he is there. I know Cole was chosen for this honor for a reason.  And I know that God has a plan.

The second young man needing prayer is Michael, the boy with the head injury.  It has been over three weeks since Michael's injury and, while he is making progress, it is very slow.  He still has not fully regained consciousness.  I am praying for God to heal Michael and to comfort his family.

The third young man needing our prayers is a four month old baby boy, the son of a co-worker.  Thomas was born with heart problems that continue to worsen.  He has already had three heart surgeries and he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Tuesday).  Thomas has a valve in his heart that is defective, and he has an aneurysm in his heart.  His doctors have called all the major pediatric cardiac hospitals in the United States and they have never seen these two conditions simultaneously.  The doctors have been trying to put off operating on Thomas to give him time to regain his strength and gain weight, but now they say they can wait no longer.  Ladies I ask that you agree with me in asking for God to heal Thomas, and to strengthen his parents.  We know the Great Physician.  We know that healing Thomas, and Michael, is absolutely nothing for our God.

So today I ask that you pray like you would want prayer if Michael, or Thomas, were your sons.  Today I am speaking healing into both their lives, in Jesus name, and I ask that you agree with me.  Our God is an Awesome God, and today He is on the throne.  Join me in coming boldly before that throne, in faith, believing God for miracles in these young men's lives.


  1. Leaving a prayer just now. Standing in the gap with you. The Lord knows all of our needs. God bless you and protect you. Have a wonderful week ahead, being strong in the Lord's mighty power!

  2. Oh, Most Gracious Father,
    Hear the cry of this mother's heart...of every mother's heart...for her son...for your Son.
    Lord, you know the needs in all three of these situations. Please hear our prayers. We praise you and we thank you that you are the great healer and deliverer and provider. Please, we ask humbly, protect Cole while he is away from his family. Give him the strength and courage to make godly decisions in everything that he does. Wrap your loving arms around these other two boys, who are so desperately in need of a healing touch, and their families, who feel so helpless. May they turn to you for strength, comfort, wisdom, guidance and grace.
    And Lord, thank you for this woman who is not ashamed to cry out to you and ask in your Name. Help her to be a light in all three of these situations.
    Lord, we only want your will...and we know that you will never give us more than we can carry. We thank You and we praise You for that, Lord. For we ask all of this in Your Son's Most Holy Name, Amen.

  3. I just sent up prayers for all three of these young men. May God Bless and heal the sick and hurting, and may He be with your son and deliver him home safely to you.

  4. I will pray for all three. As a mother of sons...I understand what they mean to their parents.