Friday, June 4, 2010

She's Baaack, Updates and a Sneak Peak!!!!

Thank each one of you so very much for your prayers.  My daughter flew home from Washington D.C. mid-week so now she's back home all safe and sound.  She had a wonderful time and, while this momma of course thought of her every minute, God heard all our prayers and truly gave me peace about her being away from home.  Thank you Lord for peace. 

Michael, the little boy with the head injury is slowly improving.  While he hasn't regained complete consciousness, he has wiggled his fingers in response to the doctors, and has some eyebrow movement.  All of these are good signs.  Ladies, please keep praying as God continues to heal Michael.  Not that God NEEDS time to heal Michael, but He knows all and He has a plan. 

If you've been wondering about my Grandma, I am happy to report that she is exactly the same.  If you will recall, the doctors diagnosed her with cancer and gave her just days to live, three months ago!  Unfortunately, the situation with my aunt is still the same.  Several of my mom's other siblings haven't been to see my grandma in many weeks because of my aunt's actions and things she has said.  I would appreciate your prayers for this circumstance as well.  Ahhh, family.

I haven't been blogging much lately, seems as if I have just been swamped, but I'm getting ready to gear up for MUCH more regular posting.    Here's a sneak peak of what's to come.  I am working on the front porch of our house.  We have lived here for 12 years and I have never put any time or effort into our front porch, or frankly the inside of my house either :) and it shows.  So I'm starting with the front porch, and I'll be scrubbing the green, yucky mildew off the concrete, getting some porch furniture, and then trying to pull it all together with some cushions and pillows.  Don't worry, I'll have before, during and after pictures.  And, I'll have some pictures of our garden as it grows.  We got our garden planted very late this year.  The weather in Missouri wasn't very cooperative this spring, but it's growing now and I'll show you the progress in pictures.

And most importantly, I will be sharing some devotions with you.  Things that the Lord has been laying on my heart, and I feel led to share with you.  I believe that our walk with Jesus is a journey.  And if we're wise, we learn things along the way.  If we're REALLY wise, we try to learn from the journey of others.  I read several of your blogs that teach me so much, and encourage me.  And sometimes I am chastised a little bit but that's O.K.  A closer walk with Jesus is what I'm talkin' about and what I'm striving for.  I hope you enjoy what Down on The Farm has coming up.  And, I might just throw in another giveaway!!!  So check back often.

I hope each one of you who reads my blog knows how much I appreciate your spending a few minutes of your time with me.  Whether you comment or not (but PLEASE COMMENT) I hope that you take away something good from Down on the Farm.  I love hearing from you my friends. 

So, have a wonderfully blessed day from Down On The Farm.  May God bless you! 


  1. Yey, I'm so glad she made it back safely to you! I hope she had a wonderful time too!

  2. Aren't you proud when they come back safe and enjoyed themselves? It's like they grow up a bit, sad--but that's what you want. :) Glad to hear the news on the little boy. Will remember them and your fam in prayer. Show pics as you re-do!

  3. God is good; thank Him for keeping yours safe.

  4. I read blogs early in the morning with my coffee. By the time I'm ready to move onto my own devotions, I've been inspired and quite often those who inspire me most are sharing their God thoughts. I look forward to that because it gets me in the fright frame of mind.

    Thank you for the prayer updates. It's good to see the hand of our Father moving!

  5. Oh it was nice catching up with you. I will look forward to your post to come. Our Missouri weather is warming up for sure.
    Have a wonderful Lord's Day!