Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I don't know about you, but I am loving these cooler temperatures!  I am not a hot weather person.  Now don't get me wrong.  I don't like it when it is 10 degrees and sleeting, but I'll take a 62 degree day over a 92 degree day EVERY DAY!

Isn't God good to give us seasons in the weather?  Some days are bright and sunny and hot.  Some days are sunny and crisp and cool (MY FAVORITE).  Some days are cloudy and rainy.  Some are cold and snowy.  But each day is a gift from God and I enjoy every kind of day and am thankful.

So why don't I look at the seasons of my life that way?  Sometimes life goes along pretty good.  No big tragedies, no big heartaches, just day-to-day living.  And during those times we are thankful to God for just giving us life.  But then, all of a sudden, here comes a season that isn't so much fun.  A season that is tough to take.  I've had them, we all have.  Sickness, death, stress, worry.  Those seasons aren't fun.  And they seem to go on and on and on. 

We need to praise God for all the seasons in our life, good and bad.  Because just like a rainy day makes us appreciate the sunshine, a season of trials and tribulations makes us appreciate God's goodness.  It increases our faith.  And yes, if we truly are learning, it encourages us.  Because it teaches us to trust in the Lord and know that no matter what He is in control and THAT my friends is ENCOURAGING!!!

So while we like to hurry through the bad seasons in our life, just like sometimes I want summer to hurry up and end so I can get to fall, I know that God has allowed that season in my life for a reason.  To teach me, and to encourage me.  Because He loves me.

Thank you Lord, for all kinds of seasons. 


  1. Amen! I'm loving the cooler temps. Like Mom has always said, "you can always put on another sweater but you can only get so nekkid before people start complaining!"

  2. I tend to push summer out this time of the year! I am so ready for fall and something other than 100-105 temps.

  3. Oh I am so with you. I am loving it. You can feel the season begin to change for sure~even the bugs sound different in the evening.
    Enjoy this beautiful day ~My Missouri friend~

  4. Hello
    Just happened upon your blog and see you are from Missouri, also.

    My husband and I farmed on his family's farm for many years. He lived there most of his life, as did his brothers and their families. The farm was sold 7 years ago, when he was 58, and we downsized to about an acre. We have learned you can take the farmboy off the farm but he will be a farmer forever.

    We live in NE Missouri, but have a little place at the lake and pass through your area as often as possible. Wish we could make that area our full time home. I grew up in Lebanon, so it is always like coming home, when we are in the Ozarks.

    I enjoyed this post, so very much.

  5. Good point! dealing with an ex-wife in the picture shows you the bad seasons. And one question, what cooler temps? although i don't complain about hot weather, I prefer it over cold!

  6. To every thing there is a season. I just happen to dislike winter very much but am enjoyin' the cooler temps this week. We've had three weeks of over 100-105 degree weather and no rain in our holler.

    God bless ya and have a glorious day!!!

  7. Oh how I love Fall...and Jesus too:) I am so ready for Fall weather, changing colors of the leaves, pumpkin patches, bonfires, sooo much more.
    As you said we all go thru things we may not want to or may not understand but I try to remember that there is a reason for what I am going thru. God may want to use me in some special way. And as long as God is with me....and I know He always will be...things will be okay. Thank you for this post.
    Blessings and enjoy your cooler weather,