Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bad News/Good News

As the old saying goes  "I've got bad news and I've got good news -- which do you want to hear first?"  Me, I always want to hear the bad news first and get it over with.  So here is the bad news.

Today is the first day of WINTER.  Winter means cold weather, and most people dislike cold weather.  I mean, seriously, how many people do you know who go NORTH for the winter?  Uh, nobody! 

Winter means cold temperatures.  Winter means snow.  Winter means cold and flu season.  The first day of winter means that it's gonna be a loooong time until you will be mowing your lawn and wearing short sleeves.  January and February and March can be long months here in Missouri.  Long and cold.  That's some bad news, huh??

Now if you recall, I said I had some good news too.  So here it is!   Along with being the first day of Winter, today is the shortest day of the year.  Shortest as in the day with the least sunlight and the most darkness of all the days of the year.  Now you may be saying to yourself  "I thought she said she had some good news?"  But, that IS good news!!!  Think about it.  After today, the days will start to get LOOOONGER.  Every day the sun will come up a little bit earlier in the East, and the sun will set a little bit later in the West.  After today, every day brings us one day closer to warm sunny skies.

So today give thanks to the Lord that He gave us seasons.  Only He would have thought to make the days longer and shorter, a few minutes at a time.  And to make seasons that change.  Our God is an awesome God!!!!!

Psalm 19:1  "The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork."


  1. Amen to our awesome God!!!! Have a great day...

  2. Happy winter...for those of us that work in accounting, it is a double blow....cold AND tax season :)

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  3. I laughed straight out loud when you said, ' who goes North for Winter?' Yup, you've got that one right! It's sort of hard to believe it's the first day of Winter when it feels like we've had it for months already, eh? I AM so grateful that the days will be getting longer. I think that's the hardest part for me-lack of sunshine. It helps explain my crazy ways!

    Merry Christmas to your family! I hope your day is special.

  4. I love your thinking on that subject!!! Very Glass is Half Full!!

  5. Amen! And you're not going to see this ole gal heading north for the winter! Merry Christmas! ~Cheryl

  6. I can handle this good news, bad news. I love snow, but I like longer days too!

    Happy holidays

  7. Amen to all of that!! My dad always mentions this ever year -- 'now the days will get a little longer each and every day.' It's always a sign of hope for me! Merrrry Christmas to you and yours from all of us!! -Tammy

  8. On our first day of winter, it's warmer than it has been in weeks! It's 58º! That's our wacky Tennessee weather for ya! :)

  9. Yes sirree...I look as today bein' the shortest, darkest day and it's just gonna get better from here. Each day is a day closer to spring, flowers and new life!!! Woohoo...got myself a little excited here! Heeehehehe!

    Ya'll have an awesomely blessed day and Merry Christmas sweetie!!!

  10. My husband ALWAYS says the same thing!! Thanks for reminding me! I think I read your news before he told me this year! :0) And yes, that IS the good news!

  11. This is the best bad news I've had in a while! Merry Christmas! Nicole