Wednesday, December 1, 2010


On Thanksgiving Day we had dinner at my sister-in-law's house.  We got home just before the sun went down and took a drive thru the pasture to check our cows and just enjoy the last few minutes of daylight.  It was such a nice late afternoon.  So peaceful.  And so pretty. 

No, those aren't colorful fall leaves on those trees, the trees are bare.  It is the final rays of the sun touching the trees. 

My camera just can't capture how beautiful it looked. 

Some days I complain a little, O.K. a lot, about living out in the country.  All the flies, living on a gravel road, how I would love to have pizza delivery.  But truly, driving through the pasture, and enjoying the beauty of the trees and the sunset, I was so thankful that I don't live where the only trees are in a park.  And where the sunset is blocked by buildings.  Where you are constantly surrounded by cars and other people and there is no such thing as silence.   I truly was thankful that God put me on a farm in Central Missouri.

I've been to the big city.  Chicago, New York, San Francisco.  All three beautiful cities in their own way.  But very crowded, very noisy, very busy.  At our farm the only crowds are hungry cows crowding around a hay bale on a snowy day.  A noisy day is at weaning time when the mama cows are bawling 'cause they are separated from their babies.  Busy, is a day when we have four heifers calving, all at the same time.

Living life here at Down On The Farm isn't always easy.  It isn't always fun.  It isn't always comfortable.  But it really is a wonderful way of life. A blessed place to raise a family.

Pizza delivery is highly overrated anyway. 


  1. I love your header Robbin! I am with you on your thoughts about the peace in the country. Beautiful shots. Nothing better than driving the two lanes and seeing cows all content out on pasture. Even better if it is a ride like yours on your own property. I have to tell you though, I DO miss pizza delivery. A whole lot! We can always buzz up to the Conoco station if the crave gets too bad :) Not bad in a pinch but we have learned to make a really amazing pizza right in our own little country kitchen. I'm going to try your pie crust too!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the last of the suns rays. So warm and golden.
    Even tho we are in the Lake area we do have cows(not ours) close enough to hear.
    Pizza Hut is just across the Osage River bridge from us, so even tho they don't deliver we can get to them when the craving hits.

  3. Hi! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find yours. I love Missouri - and you are right - pizza delivery is so overrated. We live on the last road that they will deliver too - and not all places will even go that far - it's disappointing. I wouldn't trade life in the country for an occassional cold pizza! And I totally agree with you on your last post - oil is the way to go with crusts! Merry Christmas!

  4. Who needs Delivery, it's DeGoirno (or however it's spelled) LOL.

  5. Hi Robbin! There's nothing like country living. I really miss it even tho we have a few acres and a pond, we also have a lot of traffic on this busy highway at the edge of town. The only time it's very quiet here is around 2 or 3 in the morning!

    Love the photos of the sunset...I love that time of the evening.

    Have a great day,

  6. Okay...I get pizza delivery...way too often I might add...I'd much rather live somewhere that Dominoes wouldn't deliver too. You are blessed. When I travel to my family's farm in NE MO I'm amazed at the quietness that I used to take for granted when I lived there.

    I'll be trying your pie crust soon.


  7. I agree with you - country living is the best.

  8. Love my country/rural life, too!!!